Music Ministry

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The music ministry is a dynamic team comprising of worship team, musicians, artist and a technical team.


Invitation to Join Us:


We are always looking for new members to join us.

In any area we use our God-given gifts and abilities, there are certain requirements that help us excel

under that particular role in the Body of Christ.


If you believe that you are being called to join our team, then here are some of the basic requirements that we will looking for.

1. You are required to have a personal relationship with God Almighty.

2. You are expected to demonstrate an honest, authentic desire to live a life that is honoring to Jesus Christ.

3. You will be required to be a regularl attendant to weekend and weekday service.

4. You must be willing to adhere to the vision of the church and be willing to serve under the leadership of the church and the music ministry.

5. You must  demonstrate an appropriate musical or technical ability and fit.

6. Be willing and able to work in a team and people of all background. (Jesus never descriminated).

7. Your personal live should not bring any disripute to the image of the church or the music ministry.

8. You must be willing and ready to be called upon at anytime to lead worship in church or any event as and when appropriate.

Appropriate Musical or Technical Ability and Fit:

As a Team musician, vocalist, artist, or technician, you need to be skilled and talented enough

to follow along at the level of the other participants. In addition, you must be a good fit in style, blend,

personality, and skills.

Musicians need to be able to:

- Perform well with others

- Learn new material quickly

- Demonstrate suitable ability and style on an instrument

Singers need to be able to:

- Perform well with others

- Learn new material quickly

- Demonstrate suitable style, range, blend, and accurate pitch

Sound/Video Technicians need to be able to:

- Cooperate well with others on a team

- Learn new information quickly including equipment use


If you wish to join us: Please contact Denisia via email: for further infomation.


Music Ministry
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