Music Team Membership Application Form

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Please complete the following information and submit to us. If you have questions regarding any of the Music Ministry requirements or any of the questions, please first discuss them with the head of department (Denisia)


Full Name:*
First Line of Address:*
Second Line of Address:
Telephone Number (Day time):*
Telephone Number (Evening):
email address:*
Alt email address:
Identify your three favorite ways of spending free time (e.g., hobbies, interests, etc.):*
Do you have weekly access to the Internet & email to check Team updates?:*
Why would you like to be involved in the Music Ministry and/or Worship Team?:
Have you made a decision to receive Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?:
If yes, how long have you been a Christian? (Give a brief description of your relationship with Jesus Christ):
Are you currently involved with a a home Cell group? If yes, please name which one?:*
How Long have you been a member of our Church?:*
Which area of the Music Ministry will you like to serve?:
Youth Band
Audio or Visual Technical team.
If you chose instrumentalist, please sellect which instrument you can or want to play.:*
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Can you sing by ear?:*
If you are a vocalist, What vocal part do you sing?:
What musical, technical, or arts experience have you had?:*
Garage band
Complete Beginner
I have read through the Music Ministry & Worship Team basic requirement and I understand that by Participating in the Music Ministry / Worship Team, it is implied that I meet the requirements of the Team participants, agree with the vision & purpose.:*
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seven five six five three
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